STREEM: STRain Engineering in Electronic Materials

STREEM AlGaN is a specialized software tool for self-consistent modeling of the evolution of stress and bow, as well as dislocation dynamics during the growth and cooling of (0001) III-Nitride heterostructures by MOCVD on silicon and sapphire wafers.

STREEM-InGaN is a specialized software tool for modeling the characteristics of (0001) III-Nitride device heterostructures grown by MOCVD from conventional metal-organic precursors (TMIn, TMGa/TEGa, TMAl) and ammonia, diluted in H2/N2carrier gases. STREEM-InGaN focuses on an InGaN-based active region which implies a sequence of quantum wells and barriers as well as other stages in-between. Layers grown prior to and after the active region can be added into the simulations as well.