Semiconductor Devices

STR software tools for modeling of semiconductor devices


Device modeling


The software tool SiLENSe is offered for simulation of band diagrams and spectra of light emitting and laser diodes (LEDs and LDs) based on Group-III nitrides and other wurtzite materials as well as hybrid structures.


The device-engineer oriented software is designed for simulation of the current spreading and heat transfer in planar and vertical LED chips with complex electrode configuration, light propagation and extraction


Software for modeling of group-III nitride-based high electron-mobility field-effect transistors (HEMTs). The module includes a 1D simulator of the band diagram and potential distribution across the device heterostructure and a graphical shell providing comfortable operation with the code and visualization of modeling results.


Bandgap engineering superlattice simulation tool  for simulation of optoelectronic devices based on group-III nitride superlattices.


Software for calculation of characteristics of a LED heterostructure with account for surface segregation effects.

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