Modeling of Epitaxy

STR has been developing its epi simulation technology for more than 20 years. The obtained experience resulted in a release of a specialized software intended for modeling of epitaxy in mass-production and research scale reactors. Robust and physically based process models have been constructed and are continuously improved and updated. The tool is available as stand alone version for epi-engineers with limited/no modeling experience and add-on to CFD-ACE+ or Fluent that can be used by simulation teams. Materials include nitrides, III/Vs, Si, SiC, oxides.


Selected publications


MOCVD of Ga2O: 

  1. “High-Quality Epitaxial β-Ga2O3Growth by Close Coupled Showerhead MOCVD”  F. Alema, B. Hertog, A. Osinsky, E. Ahmadi, F. Wu, J. Speck, M. Bogdanov, A. Lobanova, R. Talalaev, A. Galyukov, MRS Fall 2017, Boston, MA.
  2.  “Experimental Study and Modeling of Ga2O3Epitaxial Growth by MOCVD in a CIS Reactor”, M. Bogdanov, A. Lobanova, R. Talalaev, A. Galyukov, F. Alema, B. Hertog, and A. Osinsky, IWGO 2017, Parma, Italy.
  3. “Epitaxial Growth of Ga2O3 By MOCVD Using Oxygen: Experimental Study and Model Verification” M. Bogdanov, A. Lobanova, R. Talalaev, A. Galyukov, F. Alema, B.Hertog, A. Osinsky, ACCGE-21, Santa Fe, NM.

Nitride Edition:

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III-V Edition:

  1. R.A. Talalaev, E.V. Yakovlev, S.Yu. Karpov, Yu.N. Makarov, “On low temperature kinetic effects in metal ?organic vapor phase epitaxy of III/V compounds”, Journal of Crystal Growth 230, 232 (2001)
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HVPE Edition:

  1. A.S. Segal, A.V. Kondratyev, S.Yu. Karpov, D. Martin, V. Wagner, and M. Ilegems, “Surface chemistry and transport effects in GaN hydride vapor phase epitaxy”, J. Crystal Growth, 270 (2004) 384
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SiC Edition:

  1. Y. Shishkin, R.L. Myers-Ward, S.E. Saddow, A. Galyukov, A. Vorob?ev, D. Brovin, D. Bazarevskiy, R. Talalaev and Yu. Makarov,
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Si Edition:

  1. A.S. Segal, A.O. Galyukov, A.V. Kondrat’yev, A.P. Sid?ko, S.Yu. Karpov, Yu.N. Makarov, W. Siebert, P. Storck, S.A. Lowry,
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