software for semiconductor growth and devices

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Modeling of Crystal Growth
CGSim software for modeling of growth from melt and solutions including Czohralski silicon (examples: 100 mm, 300 mm, effect of magnetic fields in 400 mm Cz Si), HEM Sapphire, DSS of Silicon, etc.

VR software for modeling of PVT of SiC, AlN, GaN (crytallisation front evolution, powder charge degradation, time-dependent heater power and position)

Modeling of HT CVD SiC with VR software

Modeling of Epitaxy
Specialized software and consulting cervices for modeling of the following processes: MOVPE of  GaN-, InN- and AlN-based materials; MOVPE of III/Vs; HVPE; CVD of SiC; CVD of Si-based.

STREEM AlGaN – Software for modeling of strain/relaxation of (0001) AlGaN in MOVPE.

STREEM InGaN – Software for modeling of In segregation and strain relaxation in MOVPE.

Device Modeling
SiLENSe software for modeling LED/LD heterostructures

PVcell software for modeling solar cell heterostructures

– Software for modeling of current spreading and light extraction

Modeling of Siemens Process (Poly-Si)
PolySim is a powerful tool for design and optimization of reactors for polycrystalline silicon deposition from chlorosilanes by Siemens process. The tool is largely oriented to engineers and researchers and does not require expertise in modeling.

Events and New Software Capabilities

On October 4 – 9, 2015, STR will participate in 16th International Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ICSCRM) in Giardini Naxos, Italy. We will present the following work: Modeling of SiC epitaxy and bulk crystal growth

SiLENSe Version 5.8 & Version 5.8 Laser Edition have been released. Information on new options is available.
STREEM AlGaN – specialized software for modeling of strain/relaxation of (0001) AlGaN heterostructures. More details  available

STR has released CGSim 15.2. New options are implemented including chemical models for growth of SiC and GaN from solution. New settings of the solver interface and GUI provide users with more flexibility. Solver stability is improved and a few minor bugs are fixed.
On November 15 – 18, 2015, STR will participate in The 8th International Workshop on Modeling in Crystal Growth ( in Spa, Belgium.

STREEM InGaN – specialized software tool for modeling the effect of In segregation and strain on (0001) InGaN in MOVPE of device heterostructures. Detailed description is available.

Virtual Reactor version 7.4 has been released. The key modifications include the two-waveband semi-transparency model, improvement of the boundary shifting algorithm in VR-PVT SiC, and improvement of the convergence stability in VR-NE, VR-III-V and VR-CVD SiC editions.

Account for effect of substrate bowing on temperature profile in modeling of epitaxy with VR software.